Scholars and Blogs I follow:

Tolkien and Fantasy (Douglas A. Anderson’s blog)

Sacnoth’s Scriptorium (John D. Rateliff’s blog)

Wormtalk and Slugspeak (Michael M.C. Drout’s blog)

John Garth’s website and blog

Verlyn Flieger’s website

Too Many Books and Never Enough (the blog of Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull)

Alaric Hall’s website

Juliette Wood’s website

Marjorie J. Burns’ website

Lingwë (Jason Fisher’s blog)

Parma-kenta (Troels Forchhammer’s blog) (Marcel Aubron-Bülles’ blog)

The Tolkien Society blog

Tolkien Links

The Tolkien Society

The Tolkien Estate

The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship

Journal of Tolkien Research

Tolkien Library

Tolkien Gateway

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A Europe of Tales

The Folklore Society

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Andrew Birkin J.M. Barrie Website

The Literary Encyclopedia

Literature Wales