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Many of you will have heard about the closure of all Humanities courses at the Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning last July. These developments left a great number of students disappointed but now there is a new educational institution to answer the demand for courses in Classics, Literature, Art History and many other Humanities disciplines. My colleague Liz Mayor, formerly associate lecturer in Latin at the Centre for Lifelong Learning, has founded the Classical Education Forum, with three venues in Cardiff, in Whitchurch, Thornhill and Llandaff North. The Classical Education Forum is currently offering 38 courses, dayschools and trips across many Humanities disciplines. I am taking part in this new venture by offering two 10-week courses and taking part in the collaborative teaching of a Day School:

  • Filming by the book: Three Classic Novels on Screen (10-week course)
  • Fantasy Literature: From Victorian Fairy Tales to Modern Imaginary Worlds (10-week course)
  • Saturnalia and All That (day school)

The Classical Education Forum has generated some publicity in local news, including articles in the Western Mail and in the South Wales Echo.

  • To browse the courses and day schools offered by the Classical Education Forum click here
  • To read the relevant article in the South Wales Echo click here

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