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Hobbit Songs and Rhymes: The Folklore of Middle-earth

I was recently asked by to contribute an article to their new Scholars Forum on a Tolkien-related topic. My recently published book Tolkien, and Cultural History: From Fairies to Hobbits includes an important part on Tolkien’s knowledge of folklore as an academic discipline, and his use of folklore material, especially in relation to fairylore. However, in the last few years I had accumulated interesting examples and ideas on the folklore of the hobbits that did not quite make it into my book. The invitation from provided a great opportunity to communicate this material. My article, entitled: “Hobbit Songs and Rhymes: The Folklore of Middle-earth” was published a few days ago on the Scholars Forum. It was a real joy to write and share!

Fifth volume of the journal Tolkien Studies

The fifth volume of the journal Tolkien Studies has just been published. As always it contains a great selection of scholarly articles, shorter notes and book reviews on many different aspects of Tolkien’s creativity. The leading article is a masteful contribution by Brian Rosebury on “Revenge and Moral Judgement in Tolkien”. The journal also includes two pieces by J.R.R Tolkien: “Chaucer as a Philologist: The Reeve’s Tale”, a paper read at a meeting of the Philological Society in Oxford in 1931; and “The Reeve’s Tale”, a version of Chaucer’s tale prepared for a recitation at the yearly “Summer Diversions” in Oxford (1939).

In the same volume I have reviewed Ross Smith’s book Inside Language: Linguistic and Aesthetic Theory in Tolkien (see under Publications). For a full table of contents of Tolkien Studies Vol. 5, click here. Buy Tolkien Studies 5 from Amazon.