Philip Pullman in Cardiff: La Belle Sauvage, Lyra’s world, and the writer’s craft

This afternoon I was fortunate to attend a brilliant event organised by Waterstones and Literature Wales. Following the publication of La Belle Sauvage on Thursday, Philip Pullman visited Cardiff to talk about the new book and his creative process more generally. The event was held at the BBC Hoddinott Hall, Wales Millennium Centre, and the room was full to capacity.

During the first part Pullman answered questions posed by Horatio Clare, and also read to us two extracts from La Belle Sauvage. Then the audience has a chance to ask further questions.

Pullman talked about the characters of La Belle Sauvage, the world of Lyra, children’s literature, folklore, and the craft of writing more generally. Here is my Twitter thread with quotations and comments from Pullman during the Q&A:


Many congratulations to Waterstones and Literature Wales for a wonderful event!



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